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Uddeholm Formvar: New steel grade completes the Uddeholm Hot Forging programme

Press release from Uddeholm 2014.11.03

One of the keys to increasing productivity in forging lies with the quality of material used. Uddeholm has now added a new steel grade, Uddeholm Formvar, to their forging portfolio offering a complete range of products to the forging industry.

More than 400 years ago Uddeholm forged their own tools, using the same basic technique that is still used today. This is where the company took the very first steps towards becoming the number one manufacturer of high quality tool steel. What was once a matter of human power behind a hammer strike, is now one of ultimate precision and leading-edge technology.

Uddeholm has put many years of research and development into this area, resulting in tool steel grades with high purity, high toughness and excellent heat resistance – properties that no one has managed to combine in a better way. For the customer this means longer tool life and a lower overall cost.

With a complete steel range for forging and a strong commitment of finding customised opportunities, Uddeholm is now able to offer a solution for every new challenge.

By welcoming a new member to the product programme, Uddeholm’s forging offer becomes even more complete. The latest addition, Uddeholm Formvar, is highly suitable for press forging applications. Thanks to its good resistance to hot wear and plastic deformation, this new tool steel ensures increased tool life over H13/H11 dies.

Other Uddeholm steel grades included in the Uddeholm Hot Forging programme are:

  • Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme – a great choice for long-lasting dies
  • Uddeholm Unimax – can increase the life of the forging die significantly
  • Uddeholm Dievar – excels in most areas as a hot work tool steel
  • Uddeholm Orvar Supreme/Superior – a solid choice for increased tool performance
  • Uddeholm Orvar 2M – a reliable forging tool steel because of its balanced properties
  • Uddeholm Alvar 14 – a pre-hardened grade suitable for hammer forging

Facts about Uddeholm:
The Swedish company Uddeholm is the world's leading manufacturer of steel for industrial tools, a position we have reached by constantly striving to improve our customers’ everyday business. Long tradition combined with research and developing new products equips us in solving every tooling problem that might arise.

In addition to world leadership in the field of production, the company has a unique distribution network with its own sales companies, service and technical support in more than 100 countries world wide. For us it is all a matter of trust – in long-term partnerships as well as in developing new products.

Uddeholms AB has a turnover of around 250 million Euro and has approx. 3000 employees all over the world, whereof 850 in Hagfors. The company is a member of the Austrian company voestalpine AG.

For more information, please contact: Communication Director Boo Rundqvist, +46 70-20 60 368.