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Mobiele service

The Uddeholm steel handbook contains all that engineers, tool makers, tool users and purchasers need to select the most suitable products and services. It features lots of useful tools to make your job easier.
  • Productfinder: Find suitable materials based on the steel properties you need. Get brochures, datasheets and more information to see what the steel can achieve.
  • ROI calculator: Avoid the hidden costs of tooling. Compare the steel you use today with Uddeholm grades and see how higher quality steel from Uddeholm can increase your total profitability.
  • Weight calculator: Calculate how much steel you need quickly and easily.
  • Unit converter: Convert hardness, force, weight, length and many more units with the built in unit converter.
  • Addresses: Find Uddeholm offices and partners all over the world.
  • News and advice: Get the latest news and advice on how to improve your tooling, machining, heat treatment and much more.

Don’t settle for less – go for a better steel!

Please note that the app may download the latest content and updates when launched. Documents and movies are downloaded or streamed from the internet.

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Profitability calculator

The cost of the tool steel and the tool itself is normally a very small part of the total production cost. The true cost is often caused by stops due to tool failure or maintenance. Each time producton is stopped, there will immediately be costs for lost production and revenue, idle personnel, disruptions along the production line and more. It is very important to be aware of these hidden costs and see the full picture. At Uddeholm we call this Total Tooling Economy.

The profitability calculator show you the benefits of selecting a high quality material instead of one with lower quality. Even a small increase in tool life may have a strong effect on your productivity and profitability. When calculating the cost for downtime and maintenance, also think of all the work, efforts and risks it may cause. You will not only achieve a better and safer production but you will also free up time for other things.

Explanation of values:

  • Total production series (parts): Enter the total number of parts produced. The production is considered to be 100% completed once this number is reached.
  • Cost of production downtime: Every time production is halted to change a tool (due to maintenance or tool failure), there will be costs caused by lost revenue, maintenance cost, salaries for production staff that is not working and other opportunity costs.
  • Tool life of the active part: The number of parts that the tool can produce before it is completely worn out and must be replaced with a new tool.
  • Number of maintenance stops: The number of times the tool can be removed to be refurbished or maintained. This number is lower than the tool life of the active part.
  • Cost/maintenance: The cost to refurbish or maintain the tool. For instance, this is the cost to regrind a cold work tool.

Unit converter


  • Approximate comparison between units
  • Brinell: 10 mm ball, 3000 kg load.

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